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I got tagged by two people to do both my ponies,,,Oh gosh,,,

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag SOME other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Nova Sound

Novasound copy by adderclaw229

1.) Though always coming off as a ladies man, Nova Sound is actually Omnisexual, meaning this stallion goes for whatever his brain so tells him to be at that very moment. So he's had many partners both filly and stallion, he just tends to prefer those of the female gender most of the time. 
2.) Nova Sound is actually an uncle to a little Filly called Alicia Adagio, daughter of his brother Dapper Dancer who live in Manehattan.
3.) Nova's Sound dislike of cats stems from his childhood, while as a colt in Manehattan an ally cat had attacked the young foal and left him with scratches and a few plucked feathers...He's hated cats since. 
4.) He loves peaches, period, anything peach flavored or scented he loves- especially the fruit itself, so often times he might smell faintly of peaches. Peaches is life.
5.) Nova Sound is talented with playing practically any instrument, from strings to wood winds, it it can make a tune he can play it.
6.) He's ambidextrous, meaning he can use both hooves. 
7.) Although he's gone through many partners both romantic and physical, Nova Sound can prove to be quite the sweet romantic, if one can tame his wild heart.
8.) Nova Sound actually has quite the fine taste in clothes, he just dresses up mostly for events or important celebrations.

Lion Heart

LionHeart copy by adderclaw229

1.) Lion Heart has a two year old dalmatian named Coal, she's his personal pet but she is also a rescue dog for the Dappleton Fire Department, so she's often not far from Lion no matter where he goes.  
2.) As a young colt, Lion Heart adored comic books, and though he may not be an avid reader of comics anymore he still has a vast collection of comics from his childhood and is quite protective of them. No touchie.
3.) Lion Heart is the first pony in his family to not have a profession or talent not related to mining.
4.) In his younger years, Lion Heart did marry a sweet filly named Sugar Spice, the two were married for a total of five or so years but due to the strain of Lion Heart's job as a firefighter (This was before his promotion to chief) she had eventually asked for a divorce because she couldn't stand the idea of loosing him or being neglected because of his busy schedule. It left Lion heart broken for a very long time, in a way he still loves her even today.
5.) Lion does compete in Iron Pony competitions or Strong Pony competitions from time to time.
6.) He has a thing for tall ladies.
7.) Lion Heart makes grade A chili. 
8.) He's a real sucker for candies, it's one if not the only way to motivate him when he has work to do.


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